My Company

A Little Background Information...

I have over 38 years experience working in the computing field. For those that are interested, you can get a better sense of my professional backgound on the My History page.

Within a few years of moving to Willow Creek, I started receiving calls from people in the community that were experiencing difficulties with their computers Well, the word spread, and one thing led to another, and within 3 years of being in the area, I applied for a mobile business license for technology consulting and sales, here in the County of Humboldt.

I currently provide service to approximately one-third of the buinesses in Willow Creek, as well as a roster of almost 200 individual clients.

My service area, with respect to physical site visits, is approximately a 50 mile radius from Willow Creek (Fortuna to Trinidad on the coast, Orleans to the north, and Weaverville to the east. I also have the ability to do remote work on people's computer using a commerical technology that allows me to see their screen, control their mouse, keyboard, etc. With this technology, I am able to service clients anywhere in the world. I currently have a few clients in Southern California, Michigan, Florida, and the San Francisco Bay Area.