Daniel A Seguin

Information Technology Consultant

Need professional IT help?

Computer Problems got you AND your PC down?

Need help with networking or deciding which laptop is best for your home or business or perhaps you just have a quick question?

I'm here to help. Call for a free consultation.

As a mobile licensed business (since 2009), I serve you at your location within an approximate 50-mile radius from Willow Creek, California (Humboldt County). This includes the communities of Weaverville, Orleans, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, and everywhere in between. I also have a number of customers across the U.S. that are serviced using modern remote administration tools.

Home Hardware, Software, Networking, and more...

Have you scheduled your 7,500 Mile check-up for your PC?

Just like your automobile, your PC requires regular maintenance as it logs miles on the Information Superhighway. You'd be amazed at how much better your system can perform.

Are you standing naked on the Information Superhighway?

Without even being aware of it, you can be exposed to cyber-terrorism (viruses, malware), spyware, phishing, and fraud (including identity theft). I can assist by first providing a security audit of your computing environment, then outlining the necessary steps to mitigate your liability. I can help to answer questions like "How private is my data on my PC?" and "What about using my credit card to buy something on eBay?".

Perhaps your system or network is on the blink?

I can provide repair, updates, upgrades, and preventative maintenance.

You bought a computer, now what?

Maybe the computer has been siting unused since you bought it? Can't figure out how to get on the Internet, or have a fear of "breaking the computer"? Do you have what seem like basic questions that you just can't seem to get answers to that keep you from using your purchase? Perhaps a few hours of end-user training is all that is required to turn the computer from a source of frustration that sits in the corner of the room, into the valuable tool everyone else seems to be using.

Business Hardware, Software, Networking, and more...

You're open for customers 9AM-5PM Monday thru Friday, but does your computer know that?

I have the expertise to assist small to mid-size businesses with all aspects of their Information Technology needs. Please contact me for a consultation or for further information.

With over 40 years of professional experience in computing systems, I offer a holistic approach to computer service, including hardware, software, security, programming, web site development, end-user training, and consultation. Professional, courteous. I come to you. One time, or term-contract. Hourly or fixed-bid. Rates negotiable. Local references available.

Frequent Work Performed

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the most frequently customer requested work

Software Issues

Fix software problems such as Freezing, Popups, Redirecting Websites, Virus, Spam, Spyware, Trojan, Hacker Removals Restore/Customize your Crashed operating system and make it Faster and More Stable Update/Upgrade your current operating system with a new operating system Reinstall your operating system including backup/restore of your previous data/software Install/Customize your software End-User training (good with first-time computer users)

Hardware Issues

Pre-purchase consulting - helping you find just the right system for your needs without overpaying or ending up with a system that will be obsolete the next day Replace Broken Parts of your laptop or desktop Upgrade your computer peripherals with new features such as Hard Drive, DVD, Memory, Sound Card, Video Card Install/customize your computer accessories such as Printer, DSL/Cable/Dial Up Modem, Scanner, WIFI Full Diagnosis on your computer hardware Set up and secure your network (security level, shared folder, shared printer....) Website building Create a new website Upgrade, add new features to your website Update/Maintenance.

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